effectiveness monitoring


What is Effectiveness Monitoring?

Effectiveness monitoring is the evaluation of data to determine how well restoration and management actions and programs are working to restore Puget Sound.

What is our Framework for Effectiveness Monitoring?

Our approach has two parts. First, we evaluate the effectiveness of actions that have been implemented to restore the ecosystem. Second, we communicate the results to decision makers as they plan the next round of recovery actions.

Many restoration and management actions have been effective in restoring ecosystem components and processes in Puget Sound, but much of the evidence of success is found in technical documents that are not easy to access. We are distilling information about what’s working to restore Puget Sound from scientific reports. Once vetted by regional experts, Fact Sheets and Narrative Summaries support the implementation of the Action Agenda and accelerate the recovery of Puget Sound. 

To find out more about how evaluate programs, use statistical meta-analysis to test for change, and connect results to the Action Agenda, here is a link to our 2014 project report:

Measuring the Effectiveness of Our Actions to Recover Puget Sound and Appendix

Fact Sheets and Narrative Summaries

The Action Agenda is the roadmap for recovering Puget Sound and includes three Strategic Initiatives designed to focus recovery efforts.

Strategic Initiative: Restore and re-open shellfish beds

Samish Basin

Download the full Samish Basin background report

Strategic Initiative: Prevent pollution from urban stormwater runoff

Seattle Public Utility
Download the full Seattle Public Utility background report

Strategic Initiative: Protect and restore habitat

King County tree planting

Download the full King County tree planting background report

Estuaries: South Fork Skagit

Download the full South Fork Skagit background report

Estuaries: Fisher Slough

Download the full Fisher Slough background report

Estuaries: Snohomish River Delta

Download the full Snohomish River Delta background report

Estuaries: Nisqually

Download the full Nisqually background report

Estuaries: Skokomish

Download the full Skokomish background report

Nearshore: Bainbridge

Download the full Bainbridge background report

To propose a project, contact Leska Fore, Science and Evaluation, Puget Sound Partnership: leska.fore@psp.wa.gov